Brazil Missions

Brazil Missions

     TLBC has been going to the Amazon River Basin in Brazil with AMOR for 20 years with a team of up to 25 members. We have been privileged to help build several churches, sponsor various medical ministries, sponsor Pastors, do evangelism and Vacation Bible School and make many friends.

     One interesting component of the Brazilian endeavor is our work among the Wai-Wai Indians, on a protected Indian reservation that all other outside entities including National Geographic and the Discovery Channel have been denied access.


     Founded by Dr. Richard and Bea Walker, AMOR has been traveling far in to the secluded, forbidding waterways of the Valley for more than 25 years. Wherever we go, there is physical healing and spiritual completion offered in abundance to all in need.

     These regions to which we’ve been called to minister are often uncomfortable and costly to reach. These places are neither convenient nor logistically easy to embrace. The people there have been discounted by most of the world around them. The hopelessness and helplessness they feel is profound. Our task is to take the only Words certain to relieve them.

     If you desire to be part of an organization privileged to touch the lives of thousands of the “forgotten” each year, you are welcome to read and explore further. We stand ready to take you where only handfuls are blessed to go…

     Where there was once no evangelical presence whatever, a dozen Interim Pastors have been left behind to minister in the regions we’ve traveled. Our River Bank Bible Institute still serves as the primary source of learning for the +/- 80 lay pastors in the field. It has been a wonderful venture in God’s leading and provision. The Vision He placed on our hearts so many years ago, is still burning and vibrant today.

     All who care to join us as we venture forward is welcomed and encouraged to do so, today…

How We Get There

     The AMOR’s Beatriz and Lori are our homes-away-from-home in the Amazon. They are sturdy, safe and comfortable vessels equipped with hot-water, air conditioning and ample space for sleeping and cruising.

     Our volunteers enjoy sleeping in hammocks, eating wonderful food prepared by our chefs and freshly laundered clothing. Our staff does all possible to ensure our team members are as comfortable as conditions will permit during their time in the field.

     The AMOR/Beatriz is our 76’, double deck, regional vessel used as the primary transportation and living quarters during our trips. She is equipped with 5 full baths and showers and 3 half-baths. She has a stand-up hold that allows us to be provisionally self-sufficient for as long as 12-16 days without refueling or re-supplying. The Beatriz is equipped with central air-conditioning in the sleeping section of the upper deck. When the rains or bugs become a problem, the tarps may be lowered for a more comfortable environment. Her capacity is for up to 24 passengers and is manned by a faithful, competent crew of 15. We have owned her since shortly after her maiden voyage in 1989.

     The AMOR/Lori is our 55’, single deck, enclosed regional vessel. She is used primarily as a support vessel for larger groups but, also sails alone with small teams of volunteers. She, too, is equipped with hot water and enough cargo and freezer space to stay cruising for as long as 10 days without porting for re-fuel and re-supply. She has a capacity of 7 passengers and 4 crew. We built her from the keel, up in 1999.

     If you are interested in going to Brazil, contact Brent Blomquist.

Windows 10 Product Keys - Free and Working -

Windows 10 Product Keys – 100% Working Keys with Installation Guides

To install Microsoft’s latest operating system, you need a Windows 10 product key. Luckily, you can find working activation keys for Windows 10 in this guide.

Not only that, but we have also provided tweaks and tips that will help you install Windows 10 on your PC using a genuine key.


Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 is the ultimate version of Windows offered by Microsoft. The company regularly supplies updates for this operating system, keeping it robust and secure.

windows 10 product key

A Windows 10 key allows you to install and use all features of Windows 10, without any limitations. Here are some of the features that make this OS such a popular choice among users:

  1. Improved menu makes it easy to access apps and tiles
  2. Windows Store app offers many new features, and a bigger app library
  3. Users have a pre-installed Microsoft Virtual Assistant (called Cortana) in all versions of Windows 10
  4. The new Edge Internet browser offers improved security, while serving web pages at a lightning fast speed
  5. Virtual desktop is the new feature in Windows 10 that allow users to have more than one desktop
  6. New Action and Notification center makes it easy for users to see important tasks, along with actionable tips to keep their OS in best condition
  7. Xbox, iPhone, and Android connectivity
  8. Redesigned Settings panel with a built-in search feature


How to upgrade to Windows 10

If you are still using Windows 7 or 8, it’s time to upgrade to Windows 10. You can use a Windows 10 product key found later in this article.

Upgrading to the latest Windows is simple. First, you need to see if your PC meets the following requirements for Windows 10:

  1. Minimum 2 GB RAM
  2. 1GHz Intel processor
  3. At least 16 GB free hard disk space for Windows installation
  4. Direct X 9 or above compatible graphics card

Once your PC meets the requirements and you have a Windows 10 activation key, you are good to proceed.

Updating from Windows 7 or 8 only takes a few steps. You can start the upgrade from Windows Update. Look for “Upgrade this PC now.”

After you accept the license agreement, the installation wizard will help you with the rest of the steps. You will have options to decide about what you want to do with your files, documents, and existing Windows settings.

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Remember, you need a high-speed Internet connection to upgrade to Windows 10.


Do you REALLY need a Windows 10 activation key to install the latest Windows?

If you are running a genuine copy of Windows 8 or 7 and you upgrade to Windows 10, you don’t need a Windows 10 product key.

However, you will need an activation key when you install a new copy of the OS or upgrade from a pirated version of an older Windows.

If you don’t provide a genuine Windows 10 product key when installing the OS, here are the limitations that you may have to face:

  1. Some features won’t work
  2. Activation messages will pop up every now and then, interrupting the user experience
  3. You can’t change the desktop wallpaper
  4. Windows 10 themes won’t work for you
  5. You may not get all the Windows updates

Due to these factors, you can’t get a full experience without a Windows 10 activation key. A Windows 10 product key gives you unlimited access to all features and apps.

However, if you don’t have a Windows 10 key, you can easily install this OS and use its basic features. Alternatively, you can scroll down and grab a Windows 10 product key to activate your copy of Microsoft’s OS.


Where is your Windows 10 product key?

Now that you know that a Windows 10 authorization key gives you access to unlimited features, you may ask, “Where is my key?”

A Windows 10 key looks like this:


This 25-character key unlocks your Windows features. Here is where to find your Windows 10 key when you have bought a genuine product:

  • No need for Windows 10 authorization key when re-installing OS on the same machine
  • If you bought Windows 10 from an authorized retailer, you will find the key on the label inside your retail box
  • When your PC came with Windows pre-installed, you will find the key included with the packaging
  • Your Windows 10 product key will be sent to you in your email when you buy a digital copy from the official MS store


Windows 10 Product Keys – Genuine Updated Keys

So you need a Windows 10 product key to use all the features that Microsoft offers in its latest operating system? Like always, we won’t leave you stranded and relying on the fake Windows 10 keys that you can find with a simple Google search.

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Instead, we are giving you working and 100% genuine Windows 10 authorization keys below. They work for all Windows 10 versions.









































How do you activate Windows 10 without an authorization key?

Sometimes, a Windows 10 product key doesn’t work for some users. It could either be due to a pirated Windows or some corrupted files.

If that’s the case, you can still activate Windows 10. We explain the trick below.


Step 1: Download the Microsoft Tool Kit

The first step to activate Windows 10 without a key is to get the Microsoft Toolkit. You can download it here.

This toolkit lets you activate Windows 10 without a product key. You can also activate some other Microsoft apps using this same toolkit.


Step 2: Run the toolkit and activate Windows

Now that you have downloaded the toolkit, you simply need to open the download folder and run the executable file.

Now simply click on “Activate Windows 10 without a product key.”

On the next screen, click “EZ Activator” and wait a few seconds. Congratulations! Your copy of Windows is now active and you didn’t even use a Windows 10 product key.


Final Words

A Windows 10 product key gives you unlimited access to all Windows features. You can customize your OS the way you want and extend functionality as you desire.

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of websites that give you used and old Windows 10 keys. But we have provided you 100% genuine and working product keys.

So go ahead and enjoy using Windows 10 without any limits!


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