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Steve and Laura Persenaire

     Steve Persenaire was born again and called into the ministry at Twin Lakes Baptist Church. He and his wife , Laura and their children now minister in the predominantly Islamic nation of Indonesia.

     From Tarakan, where Steve and Laura began their missionary career with Mission Aviation Fellowship as a pilot/mechanic family, to Palanka Raya for three years as a pilot/mechanic and base manager, and back to Tarakan, where they have most recently been serving as Program Manager for the Kalimantan Program, Steve shares, “I really enjoy all aspects of our ministry. God called us to serve here in Indonesia, and through that He has given us a great ministry in being a servant to others.” Laura agrees, and says that serving her family and those around her is a fulfilling and wonderful life. She is grateful that the Lord continues to refine her in all areas of her life as she gets to know His love more deeply.

     As the Persenaires look forward to continuing to serve the MAF Kalimantan team as the Program Manager, Steve puts his confidence in Proverbs 3:5-6. “We don’t direct our paths, God does. We don’t have to worry about it. All we have to do is trust in God.”

     Laura shares, “John 15:11-13 has been close to my heart the last few years as I seek to lay down my life of selfishness and personal desires to love my family and the ‘one anothers’ around me.”