Senior Saints

Senior Adults Ministry


     Entrance to the Senior Adult Complex is at the Blue & White Canopy—Stop by and visit with us! There is always activity in and around the Complex.

     We meet at 9 a.m. each Sunday Morning for donuts, coffee and a time of fellowship before assembling for prayer, singing of hymns and welcoming our visitors. Our Director, Robert Horn takes prayer requests, shares activities for the week and encourages us to not take life too serious but to “lighten up and live” by reading some light hearted articles. After assembly we are dismissed to go to our class for Bible Study where we have three of the greatest teachers.

     The Senior Adult Ministry led by Robert and Judy Horn is one of the best organized and most fruitful ministries in North Arkansas. Our purpose is to lead others to Christ, minister in anyway we can to God’s people and to be loving and caring as a group of believers.

     The Horns are fulfilling their calling to work with Seniors at TLBC. You will find them in their office in the Jack and Kay Pepper hall several days of the week. They are always willing to help in any way. If not at the church, you will find them at the hospital visiting the sick or in the community visiting those in need.


The many ministries of TLBC’s Senior Adults are in the following areas:


  • Visitation: Organized outreach and ministry on each Tuesday @ 8:30 A.M.
  • Bible Study: Three Bible Study Classes each Sunday Morning @ 9 A.M.
  • Hospitality: A welcoming lunch for new people interested in the Senior Ministry.
  • Fellowships and Socials: Fun events planned to form relationships.
  • Trips and Outings: Planned events to provide entertainment & fellowship.
  • Ministry to Senior Singles: Trips, fellowship and ministry to this special group.
  • Potluck Program: Monthly lunch the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Everyone is welcome.
  • Care Leaders: Leaders check on their group regularly.
  • Kitchen: See that events run smoothly and serve others.
  • Newsletter: Monthly Senior Adult news and events.
  • Prayer Chain: Organized to pray for needs at all times.


     The Sunday Morning Bible Study is a highlight of each week when we meet at 8:30 a.m. for donuts, coffee and fellowship before assembling for prayer, singing of hymns and welcoming our guests. The activities for the week are shared as well as prayer requests. We are then dismissed to our class.


Three classes where God’s Word is shared


  • Daryl Young teaches in the Jack and Kay Pepper Hall
  • Robert Horn Teaches from LifeWay’s Senior Adult Study in Room A-4
  • Curt Longhenry, assisted by his wife, Sherry is teaches in Room A-5 (for Single Seniors, only)
  • Jerri Alan teaches in the TLBC Missions room


     Robert and Judy have organized the Senior Adults into Leadership Groups. Each person has a group leader, someone to see about them and to call when they have needs. The places to serve, attend and be involved are numerous in the Sr. Adult Ministry.


We welcome all to share in our activities, services, programs and in service to our Lord.


Senior Saints phone number: 870-424-2237

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