What To Expect


Welcome To Twin Lakes

We are a church that believes in Jesus and loves people no matter who they are. Our passion is to help people connect to God and connect to others. TLBC is a loving church, blended together from various backgrounds and multiple generations. We want to be a church where people can find a place to call home and a people to connect to as a family. Through it all, we hope people come to know God personally. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.


What Are The Services Like?

When you arrive on our parking lot, you will find four buildings from left to right: Our Young at Heart Center (with the blue awning), our Worship Center (with the steeple), our Children’s Center, and the Hope Center (up on the Hill). Our Connect Groups (Sunday School/small groups) meet in all of those buildings at 9:00 am; our Worship Service is in the Worship Center at 10:30 am. You will see golf cart drivers in the parking lot. They are there to give you directions and a ride to any of the buildings from your car if you like. As you walk inside the Sanctuary you will receive a smile from our greeters and a bulletin for the morning services.  An information desk is in the foyer to provide further information. The service will begin with a song, then a welcome, followed by some more singing. You will hear a blended style of worship music including some modern songs and some old songs led by a praise team, a band, and sometimes a choir. You are welcome to sing along by following the words on the screens. After the music, you will hear a message from the Bible. We end the service with a prayer and an invitation to greet our pastors and their wives in the welcome room. We take an offering during the service, but as our guests, don’t feel obligated to give, unless you feel led to. Our services are usually an hour and fifteen minutes.


What Should I Wear?

Wear what is comfortable for you! TLBC is a casual church. We believe God is more concerned about the condition of our hearts and where we are at relationally with Him than He is with the look or style of the clothes on our backs. If you want to dress up or wear jeans, we are simply happy you are here.


What About My Kids?

All Children are welcome to stay with their parents during Connect Group time and/or our Worship Service if you prefer.

For babies through preschool age, we have childcare available each Sunday morning during Connect Group time as well as the Worship Service with our caring and highly qualified volunteers. During this time the kids will get to play, do arts and crafts, have snack time, learn about God, and hear that Jesus loves them! We have a separate Babies Room within the Preschool Area with cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, and age-appropriate toys. Our Preschool & Babies Area is located down the hall to your right after you enter the Worship Center main doors. You can also enter from the right side of the Sanctuary. Come check it out!

When you drop your baby or preschooler off, you will sign them in and receive a security bracelet to bring back when you pick them up. This is the area in which both the babies and preschoolers will stay for Connect Group time and our Worship Service.

Kids (grades K-5) meet in the Children’s Center building to the right of our Worship Center building during our Connect Group time. You can check them into this building and pick them up after Connect Group time before 10:25. After 10:25 you can pick them up from the Children’s Leader in the Worship Center at the pew near the door on the right side of the Sanctuary. During the Worship Service, all kids (grades K-5) start in the main Worship Center with their parents. Then, during the welcome portion of the service, they meet their Children’s Church leaders at the door on the right side of the sanctuary to go to Fun Church. There will be an announcement and slide on the front screens alerting you when it’s time for Fun Church! Kid’s will sing songs, hear a Bible lesson, play games, and a have snack. Kids Church is located in the Children’s Building. Parents will pick their kids up at this building after service concludes. Go check it out!